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Featured pieces

My favourites from my own gallery:

Face by squeezelouise Open HeartedIt was a Tuesday afternoon when it happened. In the middle of a crowded shopping centre, things changed forever between the streams of shoppers oblivious to one another.
The day was as busy as any other, working hard to earn my wage to buy the things I wanted. I froze when I looked down and noticed my heart was exposed.
I didn't know how long it had been like this, heart facing air. My skin had melted like spun sugar in the heat, and my parched ribs had turned to dust.
I had forgotten that flesh was more important than the numbers on a balance sheet or that feelings were worth more than the latest handset upgrade.
My heart continued its gentle, dutiful rhythm while my lungs quietly sighed at the state of affairs.
I had never seen a real heart before. Somehow it seemed more human than I expected. It was more human than I felt I actually was.
I hurried home, my arms drawn across my chest.
I locked my front door and leaned my back against it, whispering prayers between heavy breaths. I ca

JuliusMy standard rose. Proudly reigning over the back garden. You brought it glory beyond its dreams, and in return they shouted “tyrant” when you marched home to the shining city.
You of all people, you, a tyrant when your every leaf photosynthesised with the sole purpose of making the garden great. Patriotic flourishes erupt in vivid reds - the colour of life, of passion, and of blood. An entire nation blossomed through your own hard work. 
Yet doubt worked like a disease - small, dark flecks, easily missed or mistaken for stray mud or soil clinging to your lower leaves. 
For now, your treasures are safe, even though the riches and glory were too much for them. They said no flower, shrub nor tree should be lauded above the rest. They gave you a choice as you returned - renounce it all and become a common weed, or become an enemy. They were assured no plant would be bold enough to defy them, though they did not count on you.
Rallying your buds, you bloomed
Maestro by squeezelouise
Ipcress by squeezelouise Santa versus AtnasAtnas the bad, mysterious, sly
Travels the world on his sleigh in the sky.
Santa's old friend, now inglorious foe,
This age old story is something to know:
They started out well, as partners in crime
Until one Christmas when Atnas got time.
Santa and Atnas were felons you see,
They robbed, plundered, stole - things so dastardly.
The plans were devised and thought out by Old Nick
As getaway driver he drove oh so quick.
The strong and fit Atnas brought life to the schemes,
And there was the set up of our daring team.
Their usual targets were the rich, banks and stores,
"We have little money, you won't miss some of yours"
This was the thought behind Santa's bad ways
(And he says he'll regret for the rest of his days).
Atnas was greedy, unbelievably so!
He suggested stealing from children, but Santa said no.
They argued and argued 'til blue in the face
Santa shot off enraged but Atnas gave chase
They flew round the world at neck breaking speed
Shouting and bawling but neither'd concede

To-do list

Prose - Antique Metal
Antique Metal is an old story of mine that is novel length. I've rewritten the beginning three times and hope to eventually carry on with it!

Prose - Romantic one shot
There's a romance story I'm writing that TheTerrorOfTheDeep is betaing for me. I've finished my 2nd draft, so I expect I'll get it up soon.
Done!… And it got a DD! :heart: Thank you so much to TheTerrorOfTheDeep for helping me edit it, and inknalcohol for featuring it <3 you're both wonderful.

Prose - heartbroken
I've just finished my first draft of this. It's a bit of a different style to my normal kind of thing as its 1st person and therefore a lot more personal.

Drawing - Austen Characters
I need to catch up with drawing Austen characters for my friend's card game that he's developing.

Drawing - Charcoal portraits
I really want to carry on with my old series of charcoal portraits of people who have inspired me. On the list is Kafka, Orwell, Saint-Saens, Respighi, aaaand that's all I can think of for now.

Painting - Copy the masters
I'd love to get better at painting. I want to do the old school technique of copying the old masters to figure out their techniques.

Did you know I dance and act too? I'm taking a little break from acting for now as I can't put multiple evenings a week into a single production right now but I'm going to get back into it.
I'm currently putting together my own burlesque act and am customising my costume. I'll post photos of my costume when it's done, any maybe a link to a video when I get the choreogpraphy complete.

Wall of Fame


I got a DD! :la: Thank you inknalcohol for being so wonderful and featuring me <3

It's always kind of strange to get any attention on my stuff because I don't tend to show many people in real life any of it. Normally, the only people who see it are the people who either stumble across it on here or the small number of cool people who I try to bully into editing it :giggle:

It's really lovely to have signed in to see so many faves and a bunch of comments. I never think I'm doing anything by writing except relieving my creative needs so its just lovely to know I've made a thing that can bring some pleasure to other people too.

Thanks, everyone! :heart:




Next session is on:
Sunday 15th March 2015, 6:00PM GMT

Hope to see you there!




Do you crazy peeps still do kiribans and contests? Thinking about doing one while I\'m on vacation and have time. 

3 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said No


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